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Fire Evacuation Drill In Hangzhou Prosper

The fire evacuation drill was taken on the morning of August 19 in Hangzhou Prosper to strengthen the awareness of fire safety, enhance the emergency response ability and escape self-rescue ability to fire accidents and reduce the loss and harm caused by fire accidents.

 With the issuance of the drill "start" instruction, the rescue team, the fire fighting team, the evacuation team and the logistics support team quickly took their place. All the 500 persons complete the safe evacuation quickly and orderly. The drill achieved the expected results.

Besides all the staffs of Hangzhou Prosper, our district fire brigade also attended this drill. Captain Xia from the fire brigade introduced fire prevention, fire extinguisher and fire hose use methods, fire escape and other fire knowledge training to everyone through a live demonstration, which improved everyone's fire safety knowledge and fire emergency response capabilities.

After the fire drill, Li Bing, the president of Hangzhou Prosper, gave a summary speech, fully affirmed the situation of the drill and asked everyone to improve their awareness of safety production responsibility and self-rescue ability in distress. Through this fire-fighting evacuation drill, our company's ability to organize fire fighting and emergency response has been further improved, laying a good foundation for building a safe working environment.

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