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High-performance CT Slip Ring

Electronic computer tomography (CT scanner) technology is maturing, and the required functions have increased dramatically, including cardiology, oncology, and emergency care. It has put forward strong requirements for artifact-free imaging for data generation, transmission, and processing systems. At present, the CT machine has developed to the multi-row spiral scanning stage, and the slip ring technology must be used. Almost all the low-pressure slip ring technology is adopted, and the high-pressure slip ring technology is basically eliminated.

The horizontal slip ring is not easy to form an independent working area due to its horizontal arrangement and spatial location. Generally, it shares a working area with X-ray tube, generation, data acquisition and scanning circuits, and uses wire brushes. If carbon brushes are used, the carbon powder generated by the friction of the brush ring during work can easily cause carbon powder contamination of other electrical working parts in the same area and induce failure. However, the electrical contact performance and durability of metal wire brushes are not as good as carbon brushes.Although no carbon powder is produced in the work, the metal brush itself is very easy to accumulate the vegetation and air dust generated by the friction with the slip ring. Communication failure is usually caused by poor contact of the brush ring. The relative maintenance period is short, and it is greatly affected by the air cleanliness of the working environment.

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