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Application Of Slip Ring In Electric Rotating Table

The electric dining table is installed on a large round table with an electric turntable. When in use, the turntable can automatically rotate at a low speed according to the setting, which is convenient for the catering staff to grab food dishes. At present, the customer groups of electric dining tables are mainly large hotels and hot pot restaurants. According to survey statistics, there are a large number of small and medium-sized hot pot restaurants. As far as the domestic market is concerned, according to market research and analysis, due to the renaissance and development of the hotel industry, the electric table market is in great demand. Rotary catering equipment originated in Japan and is widely used in rotary sushi restaurants and rotary hot pot restaurants. With the improvement of the service level of the catering industry, ordinary single-layer rotary catering equipment can not meet the market demand, and a cold and hot double-layer cold and hot catering conveyor line with a more complicated structure has appeared.

The electric rotary table and rotary equipment are in continuous rotary/rotation movement during use. Usually, there are electromagnetic heating equipment on the turntable, or decorative lanterns and fountains. Especially for hot and cold double-deck catering conveying equipment, in a large catering restaurant, the length of one conveying equipment may reach hundreds of meters, which requires continuous heating and cooling of food. How to solve the winding problem encountered during the rotation? In the past, the motor and multiple gears were used to drive the turntable to rotate simply, but the turntable could not be energized. For the popular industry of catering, the through hole series slip ring produced by Mofulong Technology and the cap slip ring can perfectly solve the problem of rotating conductive winding.

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