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What Is The Life Expectancy Of The Conductive Slip Ring

What is the customer's demand for slip rings, mainly the following: How many roads are needed? What signal was needed? What is the installation method? What are the size requirements? What is the life expectancy of the conductive slip ring? At this time, customers are in trouble. The number of ring roads, signals, installation methods, and dimensions are all very clear to their needs and can be said. But what about this life expectancy?

The expected life is the requirement of the slip ring life according to the actual working conditions of the customer, for example: 100W, 500W, 1000W, 3000W, etc. Some equipment runs for a period of time, because of wear and aging, parts have to be replaced or scrapped. If the equipment life cycle is 24 months and it runs 10 hours a day, the slip ring is required to rotate at 60 rpm. From the start-up of the equipment to the shutdown of the equipment, the slip ring ran a total of 25.92 million revolutions, and the expected life of the slip ring that this customer wants to buy is 25.92 million revolutions.

For different life expectancy, we will have different materials, structures, and processes to achieve the highest cost performance and help customers save costs.

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